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City of Columbus Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Decommissioning

With the completion of the new headworks facility at the Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant the decommissioning of the original headworks facilities can proceed. This construction contract includes the decommissioning of the Screen Building, Pump Building, the Grit Facilities and the Interconnector Pump Station.

Construction Management of this project will be complicated by the need to coordinate demolition and construction activities with the plant's 24/7 operations.

This project is in sequence to precede the second contract of the Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Support Facilities project, which will reuse the former headworks for maintenance facilities. This construction contract is scheduled to be awarded in December 2011. Estimated construction cost is $3,600,000.

City of Columbus
Division of Sewerage and Drainage (DOSD)

Columbus, Ohio


Relevant Features

  • Program Management
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Inspection

Client Reference

Raisa Pesina, P.E.
Project Engineer