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City of Akron Water Pollution Control Station Step Feed Phase I

H.R. Gray was selected to provide full construction management services beginning with pre-construction services including constructability reviews, estimating and development of the project schedule. Currently we are managing the construction phase of the project.

This project consists of improvements necessary to increase the peak wet weather treatment capacity of the Akron Water Pollution Control Station. Improvements include converting one of the six Secondary Treatment trains to Step-Feed mode with modifications to aeration basins and the final settling tanks, new turbo blowers, return activated sludge improvements, and associated instrumentation and controls. Improvements also include modifications to flow measurement and removal of existing final settling tank fiberglass domes which have created maintenance issues. Further improvements to the Blower Building include a new roof, new skylights, HVAC improvements, and new MCC and controls for the new turbo blowers.

City of Akron

Akron, Ohio


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Brian M. Gresser, PE, Manager
Water Reclamation Services
City of Akron