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Lower Colorado River Authority - Windmill Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant - Filty Analysis

H.R. Gray was retained by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) to review and provide an independent investigation and analysis of the design, installation and operation of the membrane filtration system at LCRA’s Windmill Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The goal of this investigation was to determine the cause of the membrane filtration system’s inability to attain the desired design capacity.

Based on a review of documents provided by the LCRA pertaining to the design, construction, installation and operation of the membrane filtration system, H.R. Gray provided a detailed report with recommendations to correct the deficiencies at the membrane plant.

Lower Colorado River Authority

Bastrop, Texas


Relevant Features

  • MBR Operational Analysis

Client Reference

Anthony W. Skeen, P.E., PMP
Manager, Project Services