Canal Park

Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio and City of Columbus - More Road ECO Station

The project entails a phased replacement of a solid waste handling facility while the facility maintains 100% operation which is on average 600 tons per day. The first phase includes demolition of a shedder building and relocating the facility parking. The second phase is the construction of a new 30,000sf transfer station and a 18,200sf vehicle maintenance building. The third phase includes the demolition of the existing transfer and vehicle maintenance buildings. The fourth phase is to provide an underground storm water retention and water quality system for the site and the final phase is to provide a 40,000sf vehicle storage building.

Design Phase:

Constructability studies, project cost estimate/update, project scheduling/ milestones, review/edit front end specifications, prepare project specific general conditions, provide risk analysis, pre-qualify bidders, review LEED certification plan, and provide/maintain web based project management information system.

Advertise, Bid and Award:

Pre-bid meeting, pre-award meeting, bid analysis and recommendation services.

Construction Phase:

Run preconstruction and weekly progress meetings, review and approve contractor schedule and monthly updates, full time on-site representation and quality assurance, management of LEED certification process, monthly progress reporting, review O&M manuals, monitor training of owner’s facility personnel, monitor startup and commissioning, and manage final inspections and life safety.

Post Construction:

Develop final punch list, manage final punch list completion, warranty administration, review as-built drawings, and finalize LEED certification documentation.

Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio & City of Columbus

Columbus, Ohio


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