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Columbus ADA Curb Ramp Program Management

H.R. Gray was retained in March, 2000 by the City of Columbus, Ohio to manage a program for installation of ADA compliant wheelchair curb ramps in 11,000 locations citywide. The City had entered into a Consent Decree in Federal Court that requires installation of ramps with any street repaving. It also requires an aggressive schedule to be maintained for construction of ramps at many locations previously repaved.

H.R. Gray was retained to direct the efforts of City staff, as well as supplement the monumental program with its own staff. The scope of work included the confirmation of the original budget, development of a schedule for construction in compliance with the Consent Decree, compliance with ADA construction specifications and design guidelines, development of construction contract documents, management of the construction effort, as well as developing a reporting system for monitoring program progress to the Court and the parties.

H.R. Gray was both the Program Manager for 19 contracts and the Construction Manager on 14 of the 19 contracts. As Program Managers, we were responsible for 19 separate contracts; constructing over 11,000 curb ramps; the program budget was $38.8 million and the work within the Program was completed -$4.4 million under budget. Within the Columbus ADA Program, we also served as the Construction Manager for 14 of those construction contracts, installing 10,113 curb ramps with a budget of $34.8 million and completing the work -$3.9 million under budget. The Construction Management work was performed from April 3, 2000 to December 31, 2002. As an example specifically on the Phase 4C contract, we saved $2.4 million by coming up with innovated solutions to many potentially complex intersections in the downtown area. The City managed five construction contracts building about 1,000 curb ramps with their own staff and reporting to H.R. Gray as the Program Manager.

Unique challenges on this project included numerous underground vaults and basements under sidewalks that required structural modifications in order to achieve compliance, as well as an area with granite sidewalks. The schedule also was tremendously challenging and during the last two years of the program, approximately 4,500 ramps were constructed each year.

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